Go-To Apps When Visiting Paris: Citymapper & Mapstr

My first visit to Europe was a solo trip to London. The city had such an impact on me in the early 1990’s that, upon my return to the U.S., I looked into ways to get transferred there by my employer. Alas, it was not to be.


As I began planning a return to London in 2017, my family and I contemplated a few days in Paris. We had dear friends living there and upon reaching out, they offered to host us in their flat in the 17th arrondissement. So began a whirlwind (and life changing) four days in Paris. Upon arriving our host Silvia, recommended Citymapper app. After my first few hours navigating Paris’ streets and Metro, I was hooked.

Citymapper is available in 39 cities across the globe. The hallmark of the app is it’s integration of public transportation options. For example, not only will the app get you to the Metro, but to the best entrance, train car and exit you need to reach your final destination. As an added bonus, you can set up your itinerary, see and choose from various route options and save them for offline viewing (read: save your data). The following video from MaestroMobile gives a nice overview of how to use the app.

Users can share their route with friends, but another fun feature is the data you compile as you use the app, such as calories burned, trees saved and miles traveled by various modes of transportation. Citymapper is a must on my visits to Paris and helps me get around any city with ease.


If you’re anything like me, you have lists of sites you want to visit, restaurants and cafes that you want to enjoy in any city you visit. Thanks to Mapstr, you can now pin those places on your own map. Listings can be categorized by type and include address, website, phone and operating hours. You can call the location and plan your route to it, right within Mapstr.

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I found Mapstr right before my 2018 visit to Paris and it was indispensable. I had a number of places in mind that I wanted to visit during my two week stay. Organizing over 150 locations within my personal Mapstr account was a breeze. Regardless of where I was in Paris, I could always count of getting a notification to my device when I was near one of my listings. This was my favorite feature and made for some great spontaneous detours throughout my stay.

Mapstr is “Built with love in Paris.”  The company is based in Station F, the largest startup campus in the world, located in the 13th arrondissement.