From the Podcast: Deciding Where to Live In Paris

Deciding where to live in any city can be overwhelming. For those of us that love Paris it is no different. These tips can be instrumental as you begin the decision making process:

  1. What do you like about the neighborhood and home you live in now? What do you dislike? Use your personal experience as a framework for a search. Sometimes there is no substitute for experience to help one come to the realization of what they really can live with and live without.

  2. Walk prospective neighborhoods at different times of the day. When visiting Paris, use some of your time to walk adjacent neighborhoods. By exploring various areas at different times of the day you gain valuable insight to help narrow your list of favorite locations. For example, the 7th arrondissement may be a favorite of yours in the evening. However, how about in the daytime, during the height of tourist season? The differences may be stark enough to make you rethink your decision.

  3. You’re not going to find everything you want in a foreign country. Is an oven, or a large refrigerator a “must?” Given Paris’ notoriously diminutive apartments, these musts may not be available at your budget. Learn what is standard in accommodations, then based on that research manage your expectations.

  4. The real estate industry in France varies in significant ways when compare to the United States. For example, there is no MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in France. French property owners can legally showcase their property with several brokers and at different price points. Conversely, real estate professionals are only obligated to show you listings that they represent.

  5. Consider hiring a property consultant, with experience representing foreigners. A property consultant, such as Adrian Leeds Group can help navigate a French property search and more importantly, has access to properties across several real estate agencies.

  6. Familiarize yourself with the French real estate market by viewing rental and sales listings in your favorite arrondissements. Some of my favorite sites include: Green-Acres, Lodgis and Sotheby’s International. While I find it genuinely fun to look at listings (and imagining myself living in them), the information they provide helps me gauge the price fluctuations in the French real estate market.

While this list is not all encompassing, I hope it serves as a starting point in your property search. Listen to the complete episode by clicking below. Do you have a question? Download the Anchor app and leave a message for the podcast. Search I Rather Be in Paris from within the app.